Digital Transformation involves more than technology. It challenges organizations to completely rethink the way they do business, which includes the customer experience, how they work with partners, and how they perform their daily business operations. Technology is just the tool used to help bring these new ideas and processes to life.

To be clear, Digital Transformation is not merely digitizing an existing manual process - but instead, it's exploring entirely new ways to deliver your products and/or services with the help of technology and a disruptive business model.

A common misconception is that Digital Transformation only applies to established organizations, but this is not true. In fact, many start-ups are created to disrupt large incumbents through Digital Transformation. Uber, Airbnb, and Kickstarter are great examples of this rapidly increasing business reality.

We can help you create your Digital Transformation Roadmap if you are ready for a significant change. If you want to take smaller steps we can help you get started with a Digital Optimization Roadmap, which is much narrower in scope.



Are you feeling unsure or overwhelmed with all the technology must-do's that bombard you every day?

Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality (AR), Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cloud, IT Automation, Internet of Things (IoT), Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and the list goes on. We will demystify what each one could mean for your organization and produce a Digital Transformation Roadmap that is tied to your organization's vision and strategic goals.

Here's how we will do it:

Listen: We begin by capturing your outlook on the overall market, the immediate and long-term demand for your service/product mix, and the consumer and operational trends that are relevant to your business.
Scan: With the insights above, we will assemble a multi-disciplinary team that performs a comprehensive opportunity scan, which includes what we see happening in other industries. Our goal is to identify any trends or market gaps that you may have missed, or not fully considered.
Strategize: We will work in close collaboration with your team to brainstorm, identify and prioritize candidates for Digital Transformation.
Evaluate: Digital Transformation often requires changes to an organization’s culture and its traditional way of doing business. The evaluation phase is where we work with your key stakeholders to quantify the total impact the proposed transformation will have on your organization.
Propose: Our team will suggest possible Digital Transformation projects in the form of a detailed roadmap that includes suggested timelines.
Prototype: Seeing is believing. We will build a prototype of the first deliverable identified in your Digital Transformation Roadmap. This will allow your team to interact and test the first step of your Digital Transformation journey risk-free.








Our Digital Optimization Roadmap is almost identical to our Digital Transformation Roadmap described above. The main difference is the overall scope and impact to your business model. It's more focused on individual business processes, some examples include:

  1. The introduction of workforce collaboration tools to increase business productivity (e.g. Microsoft Office 365).
  2. The creation of web & mobile applications that improve the customer experience.
  3. If you own a service business, the integration of eCommerce capabilities so that you can automate recurring billing.
  4. The implementation of partner-facing workflows that enable self-service (e.g. account self-administration).

We are happy to explore this option with you, just give us a call today to schedule your free discovery session!

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